Online Refresher Program for the
Chemist Licensure Exam


Welcome to Sison Review! This program will prepare you for the 2024 Chemist Licensure Exam administered by the Professional Regulatory Board of Chemistry of the Professional Regulation Commission.

Comprehensive Coverage

The Online Refresher Program covers all five (5) subjects in the prescribed exam curriculum:

1. Inorganic Chemistry
2. Organic Chemistry
3. Biochemistry

4. Analytical Chemistry
5. Physical Chemistry

The SRC curriculum is created and continuously improved on based on the approved syllabus by the Board of Chemistry.

Curated Instructional Design

Learn and progress thoroughly through a precisely-structured approach: take the Online Refresher Exam at the start of each subject, then detailed solution videos discuss all the questions in the exams step-by-step.

Learn at home or on the go with
individually curated video discussions.

Study at your own pace and convenience. Repeat lessons as you prefer.

The learning experience is topnotch.

Online Refresher Exams

Take the Online Refresher Exam at the start of each subject as a timed practice exam so that you can evaluate your problem solving skills and mastery of the concepts covering the entire syllabus. All the questions in the Refresher Exams were curated to comprehensively cover each subtopic and to best match the most commonly encountered problems in each topic.

After taking the exam, you will then be given a detailed results breakdown report, which will allow you to analyze your performance based on each question and topic.

Take full advantage of this report and let it provide you with valuable insights like never before. Focus on your weaker areas and build upon your strengths. Data-driven studying is studying smart: only at Sison Review.

Step-by-Step Discussions

The videos in the Online Refresher Program cover detailed step-by-step solutions on all the multiple-choice questions in the exams.

Aside from discussing solutions to each problem, we also review key background concepts and practical problem-solving and exam-taking strategies that can be applicable to a broad range of possible questions in the Board Exam. Possible variations of the question that you may encounter in the Board Exam are also discussed.

We generally recommend that you start with questions that you might have missed, but it will also be useful to review the questions that you answered correctly as well to possibly get an alternative perspective on the problem.

For Chemists, By Chemists

We are a team of professional chemists in the fields of academe, research, and industry — the same team that brought you the topnotch in-class Review Program for the Chemist and Chemical Technician Licensure Exams. Learn more about the SRC Team at

SRC’s instructional design and teaching methods are geared specifically to best prepare you for the Board Exam, and this includes progressive training on test-taking strategies. We know you’re preparing for the Board Exam and so we designed your online experience for the Board Exam — this will not be your typical college lecture.

Enter the SRC Online Classroom

Study for the 2024 Chemist Licensure Exam anytime and anywhere at your own pace and convenience, whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Online Refresher Program for the Chemist Licensure Exam

Enter the SRC Online Classroom from your mobile, tablet, or desktop in 2 easy steps:

1. Open an Internet browser from your mobile, tablet, or desktop.
2. Go to and login.

Fees & Payment Options

Total Package Price: ₱ 2,000

Inclusive of:

  • Five (5) Online Refresher Exams + Detailed results breakdown reports
  • 250 detailed step-by-step solution videos on all Refresher Exam questions for all five (5) subjects in line with the prescribed exam curriculum
  • Review of key background concepts, practical problem-solving and exam-taking strategies, and possible question variations that you may encounter in the Board Exam
  • Thirty (30) days unlimited access to all instructional materials, Refresher Exams, and step-by-step discussions

Option 1:

Secure Online Payment (Instant access)

Get immediate access to the Online Refresher Program through the secure online payment button below.

All credit and debit cards from Mastercard and Visa are accepted. You may also pay using your PayPal account. Online payments are handled securely by PayPal.

Option 2:

Bank Transfer (Access within 1 day)

a. GCash to Bank / InstaPay / Deposit ₱ 2,000 at any branch of Asia United Bank (

Account Number: 014-01-000385-6

b. Email the following to

i. Picture of your Valid ID / School ID; and
ii. Screenshot of successful transaction / picture of your AUB deposit slip.

c. A confirmation email will be sent to you within 1 day.

Other Terms:

  1. Access to the SRC Online Classroom requires an active internet connection (via Wi-Fi or mobile data).
  2. Please note that due to the nature of the Online Refresher Program, payment refunds are not available.

For registration concerns or other questions, you may reach us at